Wednesday, February 21, 2007

as usual, lately, i haven't posted in awhile. life just gets so crazy sometimes. the kids are all settled in goldendale and i haven't found any toys or anything in over a week now. i miss them so much. kennedy became such a huge part of our daily routine and so many things still remind me of her. i've seen her a few times and she keeps growing and changing whether i am watching or not. the kids have made new friends in school, jeremy is doing well at his new job. i just can't seem to get back into the "before the kids moved in" routine. i am working more.......the office work seems overwhelming at times--so much to learn. seems everyone has more faith in me than i do. and then there are the puppies. zena and sparky blessed us with 7 (yes 7) little bostons on jan. 26th. they are eating and barking and pooping and demanding most of them are spoken is going to alaska!!!! and one to the canadian border. hard for me to believe. the first showing is this weekend and i'm kinda i want them all to have really good homes. they are just so swet and lovable. 3 1/2 weeks ago they were just little they have personalities, we have bubbles, teeny butt, whitey, tyler, bad, squirt and well it's feeding time again. hopefully i will find time to post again soon

OMG, cute names!!!
to the canadian border?????
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