Tuesday, May 30, 2006


my current blanket..this one is for a boy


a close up of the middle with 13 ends worked into it


another picture....i'm really proud of this can you tell


the finished spideyghan

Thursday, May 25, 2006

for grete

i have been challenged by grete to answer some questions. i can't let that go...that's like someone double dog daring ya!!!!! lol..........so here goes

4 jobs i have had- mom, grandma, bartender, office manager
4 places i have lived-germany, washington, california, arkansas
4 vacations i have taken- austria, holland, mexico, canada
4 web sites i check daily-crochetchallenge, my blog and all my favorites
4 favorite foods, italian, mexican, rare steak and whatever someone else cooks
4 places i would rather be- arkansas, digging thru norah's stash, on a cruise, working

i finished my spiderman afghan.............it was fun and i think it turned out really nice!!! i think clayton will love it. it is his turn for a big kid afghan. he will be 5 in july. *sigh* my babies are getting so big. i made all the g-babies afghans and sweaters and stuff when they were born.............then when hannah was 5 she asked for a big girl blankie....she got a pink barbie, and a new tradition was started. last year caden got a race car afghan. i think i sewed 200 buttons on it for wheels...it was done in crayon colors and he loves it. elissa just turned 2 as did kennedy and memphis so i get a break. altho i doubt i will get 3 done in a year.........lol.maybe i should start now........well back to a baby ghan for a gift. i'm using one of annies patterns of the day-cuddly confections- it's a great pattern....almost like a thermal blanket. i should have pictures up tomorrow so be sure to check

Monday, May 15, 2006


another view


this is how far i am on the spideyghan..........the instructions could be written a little better in my opinion but it will make a great christmas present for clayton


well this is the finished ghan..........i gave it to heather to give to amber today and i may have to check with amber to make sure she got it.....lol..........i really think it turned out nice

Friday, May 12, 2006


this is the back..look at all those ends.......i may never finish this


but MOM!!!!! it looks like it should be for me


spark looking at the granny ghan


first pair for hannah


pair 5......only one more to go for her


pair 4


pair 3 for nene

Monday, May 08, 2006


finally we get a picture of the sweet pea sweater................ginny at flying hooks and grete are also making this......


this is iggy making sure nene's sweater is going to be good enough for her


ok iggy, you can be the star of this picture. you are so darn cute!!!! now can i take a pic of the sweater, please?


i have 5 squares that have ALL the rounds on and the rest only need the white edging........do you think it's pink enough for a girl?

Friday, May 05, 2006


well this is the third and final granny ripple for awhile--yes that my knee in sweatpants--i love this pattern but i have to admit i am glad it's done


this is the 2cd pair of socks for nene........10 to go


there are 20 squares here in various stages. i will make the 8th round white and then do a white border. i'm using yarn that i have....trying to reduce the stash

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


here is the first pair of sock toppers..these will fit nene--11 pairs to go


here is the first of my bragelina hats.....black is so hard to photograph but hopefuly you get the idea