Wednesday, August 30, 2006


another view


here she is in new dress which she INSISTED on wearing before it was blocked. it was kinda late and she's tired and you see her tootsie roll drool? i hope it comes out



lol...................what can i say? the dimples say it all

Sunday, August 27, 2006


once again, days have past.....i just don't know where the time goes.

i did the get the front bodice of nene's dress done....she keeps stealing it and pulling the needles rotten.........i'm telling ya
and i have it back on the needles and a couple rows done..........the end is in site

and i feel almost like a movie star...............i got an email from the crochet dude!!!!!!!!!!! am i cool or what??????

i have made up my mind that i HAVE to go to the foot is not getting any better and probably worse............i hate going to the doc

i pick up a few more days at my mini-job so that will help some.

tomorrow heather registers for her junior year............then she has link crew meetings every day next week.

hannah is feeling sick tonight....kennedy learned to say puke............

i swear she learns something everyday and so do i............what i learn may be more important than what i teach her. in fact.i'm sure of it

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

it just amazes me how many days can go by without getting on here to post. these grands sure keep me hopping. but i sure am having a blast. so lets see what has been going on around here.
i ran some elastic thread thru kennedy's little halter top, finished hannah's halter. both will get washed tomorrow so i will get pictures. it feels good to get something done. i have so many things going that i haven't felt like i accomplished anything this month. i finished a skirt for a CAL for little heather for school. final fitting hopefully will be tonight or tomorrow. i have a sleeping bag yet to finishe and a dress for kennedy i started forever ago so those will be my next 2 projects............unless i have to start something one jsut never knows about those kinds of things. hopefully i will have some pictures to show off tomorrow

Friday, August 11, 2006


as you can probably tell i don't get much done anywhere anymore. i have 3 grandkids, their mom and dad living with us for awhile. kennedy (nene) is the baby and a grandma's girl. from the time she wakes up until bedtime she is where nana is. if i go, she goes. if i do laundry or dishes she has to "help" --sometimes nene helping takes things at least 3 times she is 2 and at that age where she repeats everything and learns something everyday. we have "word of the day" for it was "me too". she steals crochet hooks, pulls knitting needles out, hides yarn and thinks everything i make is for her. she loves to play "crocheting". she runs when papa gets home and squeals as he throws her up in the air. she has to put ice cube in his glass. he has to ask her if he can have a lemon or a lime..........if he "cries" she lets him but usually she tells him no. he taught her -super nene- which looks alot like the hulk. and to disco dance. i taught her to shake her tail feathers............a song from chicken little. she dances and sings and goes 90 miles an hour all day. jeff told me tonight she is just like me. lol. i said, i know she has my eyes. he said no, she is a little you.....bad. is true..i see so much of me in her. she can tell you to ____________ with a look. little heather named that look KID VICIOUS. i'm not sure who that is but it is a mean look. i need to run some elastic thru the sides of her halter, finish her sisters, finish their moms ruffled top. a sleeping bag for a bear is about half done. i have about 8 inches on a lacy jumper for kennedy and a crocheted skirt for heather going. i get a row or two done everyday but that's about it


papa and nene eating cheese popcorn and looking at pictures of themselves........


what could be better than a cheesy popcorn kiss?


this is my manly macho adorable husband. accessories by NeNe..............she also made him wear orange flip flops but he said i couldn't send that one to you. Bren and Mook, he said you two would really get a laugh out of this so enjoy!


she stole my foot spa and they were having an intense discussion of bubbles


isn't she just the cutest thing


here is nene's little halter...............a bit too big but she will grow

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


is this the cutest baby you've ever seen? lol.......she was just rotten rotten today!!!!! you can see she pulled out her pigtails. her shirt says "camp grandma- grandma says i'm a keeper" she has overalls to match-- i wonder who bought those for her?


i hope you can see the cool button


here is little heather in her sleeves