Tuesday, August 22, 2006

it just amazes me how many days can go by without getting on here to post. these grands sure keep me hopping. but i sure am having a blast. so lets see what has been going on around here.
i ran some elastic thread thru kennedy's little halter top, finished hannah's halter. both will get washed tomorrow so i will get pictures. it feels good to get something done. i have so many things going that i haven't felt like i accomplished anything this month. i finished a skirt for a CAL for little heather for school. final fitting hopefully will be tonight or tomorrow. i have a sleeping bag yet to finishe and a dress for kennedy i started forever ago so those will be my next 2 projects............unless i have to start something else........lol.........and one jsut never knows about those kinds of things. hopefully i will have some pictures to show off tomorrow

good to see you again! i love reading your blog-stuff!
Pictures!! Those are always good.

It sounds to me like you've gotten plenty done!!!! (Especially with grandkids in the house needing your time & attention!)
I dont have anything done too, but I cant say it is because of my grands, for mine is not come yet. *fnise*
I`m just to lazy at the moment.

I dont update my blog so often too, but I`m not so good as you to written either. I love your cute stories .
Have a nice day.
*hug* Grete
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