Thursday, May 25, 2006

for grete

i have been challenged by grete to answer some questions. i can't let that go...that's like someone double dog daring ya!!!!! here goes

4 jobs i have had- mom, grandma, bartender, office manager
4 places i have lived-germany, washington, california, arkansas
4 vacations i have taken- austria, holland, mexico, canada
4 web sites i check daily-crochetchallenge, my blog and all my favorites
4 favorite foods, italian, mexican, rare steak and whatever someone else cooks
4 places i would rather be- arkansas, digging thru norah's stash, on a cruise, working

i finished my spiderman was fun and i think it turned out really nice!!! i think clayton will love it. it is his turn for a big kid afghan. he will be 5 in july. *sigh* my babies are getting so big. i made all the g-babies afghans and sweaters and stuff when they were born.............then when hannah was 5 she asked for a big girl blankie....she got a pink barbie, and a new tradition was started. last year caden got a race car afghan. i think i sewed 200 buttons on it for was done in crayon colors and he loves it. elissa just turned 2 as did kennedy and memphis so i get a break. altho i doubt i will get 3 done in a i should start now........well back to a baby ghan for a gift. i'm using one of annies patterns of the day-cuddly confections- it's a great pattern....almost like a thermal blanket. i should have pictures up tomorrow so be sure to check

"digging thru norah's stash"
that sounds fun. *fnise*
So you and Norah knew each other before you made the list? Neat! :)
those kids are growing way too fast!!!
*fnise* I bet your stash is wayyy bigger than mine....
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