Sunday, September 03, 2006


since i started my new part time job my foot has been hurting. and swelling. every week it got a little worse. i finally made an appointment with the doc after getting tired of limping around and hurting so much. well she thought maybe i had broken a bone or possibly i had a blood clot.........those were the same things i had thought were probably the problem. so i had both our surprise it was neither of those things but a condition called morton's neuroma. it's a cyst that grows around the nerves and muscles at the base of 2 toes. for 6 weeks i am in a cast/boot. then i go to a podiatrist, cortisone shots, an orthotic ( i don't think i spelled that right) and who knows. i'm thinking my days working on my feet may be numbered.

the kids went out of town for the holiday and it is soooooooooooooooooo quiet without all my babies here.
jeremy passed his board and is hopeful he will have his own store in a couple weeks. whenever that hapens they will move and they plan to take my grandbabies with them. HMPH..............can you imagine the nerve?????

tomorrow i am taking heather shopping for school for the last time. school starts tuesday.

hannah just turned 8. my first grandbaby and she still has a special place with grandma's heart. we got her an outfit and she just loved it. wore it the next she is such a sweet child. i will miss them all so much when they move.

hopefully they won't be too far away from you....i know you are going to miss them bunches!
Hope you will soon feel better.

Hopefully your grandchild will not move to far away from you.
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