Tuesday, June 13, 2006


ok....i had an urge i couldn't control.........lol.......jeff was laughing as hard as i was............spark and ig didn't see ANY humor in playing dress up at all. ig was a better sport than sparky. ig is in the top 2 pics, spark in the bottom 2. this is the hat for the rosebud sweater set. I FINISHED SOMETHING!!!!! yippee

Yay, it let me comment this time.
Yay - me too! These are hilarious!
So cute Iggy was whit that hat. *fnise*
Congratulation whit the finish stuff. It was a very cute set.
Maybe if I got a granddaughter........I will make something like this. *nikke*
Great pictures! Jeff is still as sexy as ever!
Hahahahaha that's too cute!!! I love your "models" for the sweater set (which turned out beautiful BTW!!!!!!)
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