Tuesday, June 06, 2006

my last day as the babysitting grandma

heather took her last final at college this morning. of course she will have more to take next year but for now, as this applies to me--no more nene mornings. no more losing every argument with a two year old. no more rocking a precious little one to sleep. no more silly songs and games. poop. no more barney , elmo, dora, or mr. rogers. poop. no more letting her feed the dogs numanums (dog biscuits) or hearing her laugh when ig starts snoring on her lap. no more watching her discover and learn. double poop. and poop again. i will miss her. ig will miss her. but-- as with anything in life, things change. i was lucky to get to spend 4 mornings a week with her for the last 3 months. we both learned alot. i learned that there is nothing better than being a grandma. ok, ok, i already knew that. i learned that there is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby in your arms. ok, i knew that too. so what did nene learn. grandma is fun. grandma likes hugs and kisses. if you say i love you to grandma she cries. she learned to love a puppy. and to feed him. and cuddle him and play with him. she learned to hold up 2 fingers and say 2 when you ask how old she is instead of 3,5, or 9. that took alot of work on grandma's part. pattycake, chinny chin chin, itsy bitsy spider and how much fun it is to have grandma's finger stuck in her armpit. duh. i probably shouldn't have taught her that but it was better than poop. grandma makes a mean cup of chocolate milk. barefeet are better than shoes and socks and it's easier to play piggies that way. that yes is the only acceptable answer to "are you grandma's baby?" there's nothing better than a puppy licking your face. grandma never runs out of bandaids, cheezit's or cookies. yup, i'm gonna miss her

I think you are the next Erma Bombeck! I don't think you should write a book like a novel. I think the book should be 100 short stories, of a page or two. You have the most perfect way of saying the tough things, I can smile with my tears :-) I love you! (Brenda)
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