Wednesday, June 14, 2006

i'm a bad blogger
i can't believe how long since i've just blogged without a so i'm sure this will be long. first of all, some good news, heather passed her WASL test. for those of you not in washington, 10th graders have to pass reading,writing and math in order to graduate. not science yet thank goodness. her scores were off the charts in reading and writing but she barely passed math. they can take the test up to 5 times but they do have to pass to graduate. she was pretty proud and happy she passed it and after talking to her friends she learned everyone flunked one-two parts of it was a good day in the brownlee house.....if you scroll down you will see a rosebud sweater set i made. eventually.the pattern could have been written so much better but i figured i've been doing this long enough that it wasn't going to be a problem.there was no guage or size but it was for a baby so i went on faith that eventually it would fit some baby somewhere and look like the pattern. WRONG!!!!!after having to go online to figure the metric hook sizes i thought i was ready to go. first i grabbed a skein of ww instead of baby yarn that was in my baby yarn container. i had the yoke done that night and didn't discover the goof until in the morning. so i frogged. got a skein of baby yarn and started again. and kept this doesn't look like the picture over and over. had the sweater done and got to the edging instructions. was absolutely lost!!!! ok........i'm not a man, i can ask for i went to crochetchallenge, sent page one and asked for help. and goldi, bless her heart and another big thank you, says, gee sara i think that's an international pattern and they use different stitches than we do. *taking a moment to bang my head on a brick wall here* OMG!!!! goldi is right so i frog again, THE WHOLE SWEATER........assuming that i will be able to do the edging once i translate the stitches..........WRONG!!!! least once i started for the third time it did look like the picture, so i'm thinking all is well. now back to the edging. i have, at this point, decided that the designer who wrote the pattern had more tequila in her when she wrote the pattern than i did while making it. so maybe i should catch, i don't think i can drink that much and function .........ok...stop reading the whole thing, take one step at a time........finally the light dawns and i get the edging done. now i KNOW i am cool enough to do the matching the lesson here is to read the pattern completely before you start to make sure you understand it before you start and save yourself untold grief................roflmao..choke .........choke........ that is going to the REAL lesson is to have friends to turn to when things get rough who can help or at least cheer you on when you fail. lesson learned.
my sweet husband who loves me more than is rational saw an online auction i had flagged to watch, went in, and bought me yarn!!!!! i couldn't believe it. 17 skeins!!!! he knew it was for the babies for christmas goodies. he gripes about my yarn all over the house at least twice a he is a keeper. and cute too.
today was the annual "have the babies over and make papa something for father's day" day......this year it was a shirt with their handprints and names on it. it is drying now. the babies are 7, 5,4,2,2,1...........the older 3 went pretty well except for painting their names..that was a little messy but it's readable even if the names are bigger than the the oldest 2 year old, elissa, wanted to do her hand over and over, nene tried to paint iggy, tanner curled his hand and tried to eat the paint so his hand print looks like a had paint all over the kitchen, the dogs, me, both heathers, it was great!!!! papa will absolutely love it!!!!!
i learned something from the 4 year old today..........clayton...........he will turn 5 later this month. he just finished pre-school. silly grandma asked him if he knew what grade he would be in school next year. and the boy says " oh i'm done with year i go "in the garden" (translation kindergarten) and pick fruit" oh man i thought i was going to bust myself holding the laughter in. so mom tries to explain it to him and he looks at her like she is an idiot ( he could be right but that's another story) and INSISTS he's going to the garden next year. oh i love these babies.
be sure to tune in often to see the amazing things going on in my

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Your sweater sure turned out beautiful after all that!! It sounded like you had such a fun day! lol @ what Clayton said!
So glad I was able to help you get that gorgeous sweater set done, sometimes all it needs is a second pair of eyes to figure things out! Loved your story of the t-shirt painting experience, I could just picture it, lol! And Clayton's "in the garden" comments had me in stitches - poor baby is in for a rude awakening this fall, lol!
I have known for years that Jeff is a cool guy! He just got cooler :-) Poor Clayton, what is going to happen when he goes to the garden? Is someone going to be sure that there is fruit for him to pick???? lmao {Brenda}
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