Wednesday, June 07, 2006

i have a question for my readers ( all 3 of you)

i keep being told i should write stories. should i? most of my stories are just about being a grandma. would other people like to read them who don't know me? if you think no, i should just write on my blog please tell me. if you think yes would you send one of my stories to someone you know and get their opinion for me? any comments on this subject would really be appreciated. i really think i'm not that good.........i just write with love. and i wouldn't know where to start. or finish. or anything. oh poop.

Dear Sara.
Ofcourse we will love to hear your stories. And I`m sure others will do too. *nikke*
You tell us very many fun and good stories, and we all love to read that. And a storie who is written with love is the best one.
I have repitet your text to others. And I think it is more that 3 people who read your blog. Put in an counter if you want to know how many who is visiting your blog.
I think you should submit them to magazines like Readers Digest , Women's Day , etc. most of the people whose oppinions matter to me are on list with us so , let them read and see.
love ya ,
I'm number three today!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Seriously though, the fun of writing is to umm... have fun as you write!!! So, relax and write away, and you can always compile them later (that's one of my plans too)

Hey, I tagged you on my blog.
Sara, I think you should too. I'm totally clueless as to how you would get started though....
Definitely you should! And you KNOW you have more than 3 readers, don't you? If you want to get a better idea though, you can download a free counter from bravenet and put it in your blog, in the sidebar or at the bottom, it will show you how much traffic comes to your blog.
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