Tuesday, June 27, 2006

how do you spell stupid?
today i spell it s-a-r-a. my son, his wife and my 3 grandbabies will be moving in here by friday for a month or two. he will be an assistant manager for les schwab soon but he doesn't know where and of course their house went before they were ready. i am a pack rat- jeff and heather are pack rats. i have spent a week cleaning out just my stash room.it was an absolute mess! i would be embarrassed to have norah and goldi come play in my stash. but that room is clean and ready for 2 of the babies. the closet is packed to the brim with rubbermaid but it will work. jeff and i will be moving out of our room into the family room. the family room used to be a 2 car garage so that gives you an idea of size. it has the door to the fenced back yard for dog access. we have a weight machine, 2 computers with large desks, one recliner, one swivel rocker, one huge hide a bed couch, a large tv and a half bath...all jeff's computer parts and a ton of stuff from my stash room at the moment..............somehow we need to make room for our bed and 2 dressers out here. right.................. *sigh*......since there is no closet out here we will use the coat closet.............which is full of....you guessed it....winter coats, hats, raingear, boots,etc. so all that has to be moved. *big sigh*. the kids are bringing their freezer over and it has to go on the back porch...can you say trailer trash........lol. no worries i have two days. oh yeah the stupid part........i was reall y craving a seafood salad tonight ( it's been way over 100 for a few days) so i ran to the store. in 106 degree heat........stupid..........jeff had burritos and heather had soup.............they are nuts!!!!!!! anyway i didn't know heather had made her soup, i went in the kitchen, took the top off my salad, went to pick it up, put my finger UNDER the burner she had just turned off. OUCH!! my right index finger. and i have all this stuff to do and it's a huge blister and it hurts.........lol. can't type , can't knit or crochet. my life is over...........lol

LOL - you would be embarrassed for me to see your stash? Honey, you haven't seen MY place - you've got NO worries whatsoever! And really now, you MUST stop beating yourself up over things!

106 degrees, yikes! Yep, that's hot. You really really really need to be careful in that kind of heat.

All I can say is "good luck" with your full house over these coming months...
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