Monday, June 26, 2006


here's the uncropped version..............a basket of who knows what's in there that needs to be finished, a pile of mags i am keeping........a box of projects to do while my house is my favorite jammies, ac/dc pants..a fan blowing in the background and jeff's shirt that he just threw at me.....BUT the room for the grandkids is ready........(ok i have a trunk of yarn that i need someone with muscles to help me move out of there yet) but it's dusted, vacumed and shampooed. the closet is full to the brim with the babies have a place to sleep

Woohoo!! That's wonderful.
WOW... dusted, vacuumed, AND shampooed????? I'm impressed!!!

The pile of magazines makes me think of my house... I need to go through mine too.
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