Monday, June 26, 2006

halfway thru

i had a revelation tonight......they don't come very often so when they do i am always impressed with i am working on a second sock, and i start the gussett i realize i am halfway through. turning the heel is my favorite part of socks..i love those little short rows and the little cup it makes.........i know i am easily amused..........socks are made in three parts: the cuff, the heel, and the toe. alot like life............that was my is like socks. let me explain my thoughts. i am 49, somewhere between the heel and toe of my life. past the halfway mark i am sure. the cuff(1-30) is a little tough to get going, you have to pay attention to get it right, whether it's your ABC'S, a relationship or a sock, and sometimes you just have to start over, try again and hope for the best. and its pretty easy, irritating but it's fixable and you go on with alot of time to get to the heel. when you get to the heel (30-60) things seem to get a little easier. you have half as much to deal with..........whether this means your children have grown, you've mastered the basics things in life, maybe grandchildren, you now know yourself, you've probably stopped feeling the need to impress others and your priorities have changed. life insurance means more than a night out on the town. a good night's sleep is more important than staying up all night with your friends.......half the stitches to deal with. this part of your life(sock) seems to fly by. days are taken for granted, security seems to be a given, graduations, babies.......this is the best part of life. starting over here is a little harder, less time to gets things in the perfect row, tougher to change and to accept that changes are happening all around you. harder to admit you made a mistake on row 20 and have to go back and try again. maybe it's your sock or maybe it's your marriage.the next step is the gussett......crazy times....suddenly you have 3 times as much to deal with...........children, careers, grandchildren spending the night, retirement....picking up more than you thought you could at this point. you start to be healthy, see the doc, take your meds, eat right, exercise. you start to pay more know if you make a mistake here it will really be hard to fix.
then we have the foot (60-?)some people get more rows than others. it could be your needles or the size of your foot or even your yarn. hereditary or self one knows how many rows they get until they reach the toe. ah the toe. the downhill part of life/sock. you can see the end get closer but it's hard to predict exactly when the last stitch will be in. the last breath taken. i hope when i reach the toe of my life i can look back, remember every stitch it took to get there and be happy with my accomplishments.

Oh Sara, that's wonderful, and so true. You really need to write a book, girl!
wow, you are a good to write.
I did like this story. Had to make an link to it in my norwegian forum. *nikke*
Wow!!! That's so true!!!! I would never have thought of that!
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