Monday, April 03, 2006

well it's official............jeff gave me his cold

there should be laws against that. i hate to be sick. i hate to cough, blow my nose, feel like really irritates me to no end to not be in control of my bodily especially a runny nose......ick
he came home at lunch time today. i have to admit he is really one sick puppy. i signed up for better or worse, sickness and health, but not coming home early and messing up my what was the man thinking?
well on the good side i finished nene's dress. it feels like i have been working on it forever but it's only been a week, 10 days maybe. it's going to be big. i took pics (scroll down) but they don't do it justice. i will take more after the buttons and blocking have been finished. and on nene of course. well off to work on the jacket....or throw it again....who knows?

"i signed up for better or worse, sickness and health."

Well thats what marrige is for.
You share everything.

Hope you get well soon.
Well, bummer. Hope you and Jeff feel better soon!
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