Friday, April 21, 2006

you just have to love was a rainy dreary day here. most of april has been that way. but flowers are blooming and pollen is in the air. i talked to my brother yesterday. i'm still trying to get him married off. and i talked to my daughter today. she and i don't have the best relationship. we try but we just can't get close. maybe someday. my husband is sitting 10 feet away. he is singing to me. nothing is better. rod stewart at the moment. we have been together almost ten years now.......married 4 1/2............ and still happy and still sad we both went thru 20 years with someone else who made us so unhappy. but now, life is good. financially we are struggling at the moment but there is noone i would rather be poor with. do you have someone you can count on every second of the day, every day? i do. and i am grateful everyday for having him. i am very lucky. all this started with the ex-wife. she's up to her old tricks trying to get something started. earlier tonight i wanted to throw something, hit something, cuss her out........anything...........but.......she has nothing..........she can't hurt me.......... i am mom to 2 of her 3 children and she will never get back what she turned her back on. so kim...........bring wanna mess with mama bear..............good luck to you. you will lose. you have already lost. you have nothing, no life, no love. i pity you. how sad life must be for you. sad to have noone love you, care about what happens to you. hate you. because that is the only emotion you bring out in people. my life is good. it isn't perfect......but it is good. i have everything i need.
life is good

Sorry to hear you're getting shit from her again, but you're right, she'll lose!
Happy Birthday, Sara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you go mama bear. know that she is miserable and as we all know, misery LOVES company! and she's probably jealous as hell of what you have, how she F#&$^% up what could have been. and the winner is.....SARA, JEFF, AND FAMILY!
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