Saturday, April 29, 2006

i can't believe

i haven't blogged in almost a week. shame on me!!! but i have been fighting sciatica and losing. about an hour ago i realized i'm not hurting as bad..........i'm not great but at least i'm starting to feel a little better. i haven't even gotten much crocheting or knitting done. i did finish the bloomers for nene and after putting them in the dryer and watching them like a hawk , they shrunk enough so they should only be a little big on her. now i need to do a pair for lis. *sigh* i have learned i need to measure instead of believing a pattern will fit!! i'll get pictures up tomorrow. i am still plugging away on my third granny ripple but it isn't going to get finished for the april challenge. my dd loaned me a html book for dummies so maybe i can learn how to put links in here. last but not least our female is in heat. we should be having babies around the 4th of july if she gets pregnant. hopefully she will have more than 2. and i threatened jeff about keeping any is more than enough!!!!
well i think i will try to crochet with my bandaged thumb....i cut myself earlier...dumb dumb dumb

Just passing by to say hello.
You have to stop cutting your self. It is important to could crochet. :fnise:
I too should have a book about html for dummies, maybe I too could to a litle bit more on my blog.
Have a great day.
Is your back better now?
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