Sunday, April 23, 2006

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

another year behind me and hopefully another year in front of me. something my granddaughter said to me, has stuck in mind and i can't shake it. she is 7 (and 1/2 grandma!!!) she asked me how old i was and i told her 49. and she said ( in very grown up, i'm in first grade and i'm really smart voice) that's almost 50 grandma. not in anyway making fun of my oldness......just very matter of factly. she knows 50 comes after 49. smart girl.i have started planning my birthday breakdown for next year already. almost 50. the pinched nerve makes me every day of my age. a few more wrinkles, a few more gray hair. a few more grandkids to love and spoil. seems like a good trade off. my lap seems to keep getting bigger to accomadate more on my lap. then at 49, almost 50, the menopause, hot flash and night sweats join the fun. getting old is a journey.........filled with every emotion under the sun. there are up and downs, turns, mountains and valleys to explore. choices to make. every choice i made every year has brought me to this spot in my life. this small spot of life that is mine. i am on my third marriage and my last. i gave birth to 2 children, adopted 2 and , had probably 100 or more foster kids during a ten year span, raised 2 of jeff's 3. i have 8 grandchilren so far. 2 of my kids are happily married and one will be married in july. jeff's oldest is married. i have a dil that i am so close to. she and i have had some tough times- mostly my fault but we are so close now. you know, this isn't such a bad spot to be in for almost 50.

That's so awesome! What a beautiful post.
Congratulation on you birthday.

And as Norah said.........What a beautiful post.
Hope your day was filled whit warm sunshine of joy and good memories.
I'm sorry I missed your birthday. I hope it was wonderful and filled with fun and family for you!
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