Wednesday, April 12, 2006

i have learned a new word!! i can't say it but i can type it and i know what it means. and i like it. my friend, who brings me so many smiles and bits of wisdom taught it to me. i plan to use it as often as i can.speaking of friends, i am lucky to have so many. i poured my heart out earlier this week and was so surprised to have it filled back up with so many good wishes, shared heartbreaks, and love. i had no idea my little story (could even be referred to as whining) would reach anyone the way it did let alone bring so much back to me. it has been a totally odd week, for many of us, with sad feelings,or depression. i find the older i get the more i fight the changes i don't like, instead of dealing with them like a grown-up. being a grown up is over rated.
ok, moving on to the crochet front. i sure have not accomplished much this week. i finished the 24 squares last night and i got 2 corners sewed tonight. maybe i will be more inspired tomorrow

Hey Sara, you're an awesome friend youself, which is why you have so many friends!!
As Norah are a awesome frinend yourself.
It is fun to have "meet" you.
To meet people like you, is the fun whit the internett. *nikke* ( or *I agree*, is the same )

Have a wonderful day.
Norah and Grete are so right! I am such a better person for knowing you! Thanks for all that you give me, not only in encouragement, but unconditional friendship! I love you kiddo! Brenda
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