Friday, March 24, 2006

what a fun day
2 of the grandkids were here delivering papa's girl scout cookies. so while nene was here i got her to hold still long enough to see how this dress is going to fit. i think it's a little long but mom said that was good she could wear it longer. nene loved it....she was petting is so funny. caden wants me to make him a wallet in white blue and green. that has me a little stumped. i haven't looked for a pattern yet but i doubt i will find one. i got a big hug and kiss from him today and that is not normal for caden. that really made my day. nene told me she was 3 when i asked how old she was.........she is 1, almost 2 but nowhere close to three....but she is
she was born on norah's birthday (
. you would have thought she could have waited 10 days for mine..but noooooooooooooo. she's been a stinker from day

Here's one pattern:

Nene & Caden sound soooo adorable!
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