Tuesday, March 21, 2006

the smiles of my life

my babies...........grandbabies. i have 8 of them. a collection really. always room for more. i want 10. i have 4 girls and 4 boys. the oldest was here today.she's 7. she NEEDED grandma to pick her up after school. so i did and we went to walmart. she NEEDED a few things for grandma's house. new crayons, pencils, eraser and sharpener for homework. a bottle of water and flaming hot cheetos.and 2 quarters for the junk machine. i figured i got off pretty cheap this time....lol. she did her homework here as soon as we got home. i'm not sure where she got her brains but she is really smart. colored until papa got home and then the show started! she climbs on his lap and tells him she really really wants to eat chinese food HERE for dinner, take her shower here and spend the night and have grandma take her to school. she's 7 and she can work her papa! lol. papa sprung for dinner, put the lampshade on his head and talked chinese,japenese, and canadian with her for an hour. the rest of the lamp was tossed a year ago but the grands just love papa with it on his head and talking chinese. he is so funny.so i took her home with the promise she could sleep over this weekend. nene flew into my arms. i had taken her socks and they fit perfectly!!!! and she loved them. i know that because she didn't take them off in 2 seconds. she wanted to come home with me too. her mom is on spring break but i had been watching her and she misses me as much as i miss her. and she misses iggy. they are best friends and so cute together. if you aren't lucky enough to have any grandkids of your own, borrow one or a few. they are the absolute best. all you really need is a lap and an imagination

Oh, it sounds wonderful!!!
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