Friday, March 17, 2006

a post about nothing

i was thinking today ( i know, not a good thing) about blogs. mine and other peoples. blogging is frustrating, but fun. it's fun to read what others are up to, and to post what you are up to yourself. to leave little messages, to show off projects.............entertainment...............i like to be entertained. i like to laugh, i like to cry and on occasion, when i can, i like to help. it's good that to me crying isn't the end of the world because sometimes trying to add a link or a button can sure bring me close to ask norah. her link is in my sidebar. there is a way to put it here, but i don't know how-yet. i'll learn-someday. i know people read my blog, i'm not sure why, but someone is.someones are?
i wish if you read this........leave a's fine if you don't like it, if you think my pictures are blurry, if you're sick of looking at my grandbabies, if my projects are awful..............and it's fine if you do. if i make you smile, if i make something you like, if you just wanna say hi.........i would love to know who you are and what you think.

I think your blog is awesome!
Haven't had a chance to view your blog for a few days. I like the socks. I have some of that same yarn. I think I'm going to knit booties out of it. If I ever finish a few of these other WIP and WIM.
Well honey, you know I have always loved your writing, and I have to tell you, I STILL DO! You always make me laugh! I love you so much!
thanks inspire me
just wanted to say hi!


Some of your pics are blurry, but I'm glad you share them anyway ;o)
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