Monday, March 06, 2006

hello everyone............well it has been one of "those" weeks and it's only monday. on saturday my oldest son had a tire explode in his face and was taken to E.R. my dil brought the 3 grands over here and in the confusion sparky got out the door. i jumped in the car and caught up with him 3 houses down,brought him home and then i followed my dil to the hospital. one of the neighbors called 911 and said there was a viscious dog keeping her from leaving the house, and gave them my license plate number. so while i was at the hospital making sure my son still had a face, an officer came and wrote jeff a ticket , she was extremely rude and arrogant to him. she even threatened to have him arrested. it was so over the line. so tonight we went to file a complaint at the police station and ended up talking the the police chief. he called the city attorney, and the city attorney said he would dismiss the case. the chief called to ask for a deferrment for us. so no court date and no 250.00 fine!!! my son goes tomorrow to have his hearing checked. he hasn't been able to hear since saturday. the puppy is still sick. he has had a shot, and 2 weeks of anti-biotics. we are going to take him to another vet. well i posted some pictures of some crochet and knit projects......i hope you enjoy

I love your finished items! I can't wait to see what the ghan looks like.
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