Monday, March 13, 2006

evil yarn fairy?
oh my !! yes he does exist!!! i've always known but it has now been confirmed by fellow knitters and crocheters. never heard of him you say, well let me tell you a little about him. he is the one who throws yarn in your shopping basket when you just ran in for milk. he goes in your stash room and ties knots in the middle of skein after skein. he gets in your head and convinces you to start the perfect project with the perfect yarn, knowing all along you will be 1/2 skein short of finishing and the yarn has been discontinued. he puts a scent on yarn that no puppy or kitten can ignore. he hides your favorite hook in the couch cushions, and you never crochet on the couch. he coerces small children to talk to you during an involved stitch count. he forces you to stay up waaay past your bedtime to do "just one more row". do you get the idea? sometimes, when the house is quiet and you are all alone, you can hear his evil little laugh. there is nothing to be done to rid the world of this evil fairy. just beware fellow crafters, BEWARE!

rotflol!! That's so true! He's visited me many times!
i knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yep........know him well. think he paid me a visit this weekend...
So, is he one fairy, or are there many fairies?
many many fairies
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