Saturday, February 25, 2006

well i am feeling pretty good about the crochet olympics. i not only did the scary granny ripple but also finished a second baby ghan. the yahoo group has been the most fun i've had in a long time. the list is going to stay open with a monthly challenge format. i am so excited about it. i've learned a little more about blogging and html, altho i'm happy i have a knowledgeable teen in the started a cabled purse...pattern from Knitpics......the color is a bit dark to show the cables well and the yarn is crimpy.....but it is soft and the color is gorgeous. it's bernat breeze and a dark purply grape color. it will be a gift for a dear friend. i'll post a picture but you really can't see much

Congratulations, Sara!! You rock!!!
where is the poll? Also you can feel free to contact me (look at my blog) to see if I have anything there you want on your blog and I will help you to put it up. I am getting good at going into the template and doing stuff and found some neat stuff to put up, thanks for the link!
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