Thursday, February 23, 2006

ummmm....jeff just brought me a pepperoni that true love or what? and it was good!!!! well i was turned down by people for people today (funding source for college) and as i am sipping my margarita on the rocks i am contemplating the state of the world. well at least my little corner of it. basically i was turned down because i'm not a felon, i'm not a druggy, i'm not an alcoholic (but i am in training), my husband doesn't beat me,i have a home, my I.Q. is over 80, i have had a 4 words, i'm not a loser. .............hmmm do i sound a bit bitter? i guess i am a little. i was married for 20 years and my only job was raising foster kids ( i adopted 2). i've worked since then, and remarried, but just minimum wage jobs. i could do great at school but it doesn't look like i am going to get the chance to find out. i wouldn't trade my life for anything. i love jeff........he's the best man for me. in fact he is playing/singing/ playing his harmonicas to all my favorite songs. he is so good to and for me. my grandbabies are my world. all 8 of them. each one more precious than the next. and if spring EVER gets here i will be out in the flower beds. and i guess if i have to go back to being a bartender or waitress i will. my brother tells me i am a survivor so i better do what i need to so i don't disapoint of course he refers to himself as a predator. i've been disappointed before so this too shall pass. but until's gonna be margarita time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I just think it sucks big time that you didn't qualify. I'd be sooo pissed fact I'm pissed off now on your behalf! Hang in there, maybe they will change their minds for the next quarter or you will have someone else handling your case who will make a different decision....
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